High Low Doubles National Championships
April 26 to 29, 2007
Halifax, Nova Scotia

On behalf of the NS5PBA Executive Committee, we would like to thank all the
volunteers and sponsor stream tv for helping making Nova Scotia’s first national held event such a success.
We hope all the competitors enjoyed the hospitality of Nova Scotia and welcome them back
to our beautiful province.


1 + 431 MB Justin Keen/Rob Storoziuk
2 + 425 PE Herb Younker/Lorne Stevenson
3 + 324 NL Dennis Gosse/Allan Fudge
4 + 304 AB Len Pharoah/Christine Gillam
5 + 235 NS Norman Flynn/Wayne Comeau
6 + 163 ON Cyndi Davies/Donna Reader
7 + 148 SK Harold Sundquist/Metro Bodnarek
8 + 91 BC Lyle Roy/Scott Hawrelak
9 + 56 N.ON Deborah Ruck/Joanne Boissonneault
10 + 17 NT Lori Carleton/Shirley Lloyd
11 – 90 PQ Michel Sauvé/Pierre Périard




2006 Open Nationals
Newfoundland, May 30th to June 4th

John Walsh
Joanne Blades

Ladies Team
Joanne Blades, Cathy McPhee, Susan Matthews, Claudette Saulnier,
Theressa Swim, Gina Welling, Shirley Abbott (coach)

Mens Team
Andre Rochefort, Doug Blackler, Mark O’Laughlin, Wayne Comeau,
Darrell Baily, Ivan Saulnier, Ed Noftall (coach),